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Succulents in Hibernation: Which Succulents are Sleeping? When and Why?

Extended Succulents

Succulents are so ambiguous that they make the most experienced gardeners more stupefied than novice succulent growers. The most confusing and unexplored aspect of succulent farming is the hibernation of succulents. Let’s untangle this ball together! Do all succulents hibernate? Do they need to be irrigated at rest? Do they need to be backlit? Which […]

Best Succulent Soil– What your succulents need


The very first step in the care of succulents begins with the soil. All succulents need fast-growing soil for several reasons: Suitable soil allows the roots of the plant to get enough water while preventing overwetting, which easily causes rotting and is the main cause of death of succulents; Also, loose soil provides succulent roots […]

Echinopsis Cactus: How to grow the most popular succulent?

Echinopsis Cactus

Green, prickly, round – this is what the Echinopsis Cactus looks like, which is the most common indoor plant of the Cactus family. It is notable for its compactness, ability to multiply abundantly, and with proper care and regular flowering. Also, the genus Echinopsis includes many species, which means that a lover of these succulents […]