5 Great Ways to decorate your home with plants

beautiful interior with plants

Transform your interiors using a bit of greenery in various art forms and brighten up your spaces. A green decor piece gives a natural touch to the living rooms and office desks. They can be small and can be displayed in various ways. Any decor piece that has a natural element to it, whether it animates a natural landscape or just tries to use a component in its natural form, is a great way to bring home nature and add life to the immediate surroundings.

We have compiled a list of decorating ideas using terrariums and other green decor pieces for increasing the worth of your homes and workplaces.

Enchanting Terrarium

This is the easiest decorating idea using a glass container of any type. We can use a vase, bowl, lantern, or a jar of your choice that suits your style and easiness. On the green elements, the succulents are a great way to add beauty and charm to the indoor for the sheer ease of maintaining these beautiful plants. All we need to do is to incorporate them in the container with some stones, sand, pebbles, etc to add the earthy tone. The open terrarium re always a preferred choice as they require less effort to set and the great thing is that they look divine. Since these environments are wonderful for an assortment of plants, you won’t need to stress how to brighten them. They will go perfectly with whatever the home theme is. Simply you can say that there is no home that wouldn’t look good with terrariums. So, why not open the arms of your homes and workplaces for these magical containers.

Water these succulents once in a week to ten days to make sure that the plant is alive and thriving.  These can be used as a highlight on the festive occasion because what is more valuable than a living organism in the room.

The terrariums can also be used as a great gifting option. Regular wrapped gifts are common but why not gift someone a succulent or maybe a cactus in a glass container? Also, a great gift for someone who is always on the run (that’s what we all are doing in today’s hectic world) and does not remember to water plants, as succulents do not require water frequently. Become a talk of the town by putting a terrarium on the side table instead of a vase with artificial flowers.

Garden in a Cup

Well, we often use our hashtag #mycupofgreenery when using recycled cups for terrarium ideas. These creative terrarium ideas are best for reusing cups and a great way to impress the guests. Place them on the coffee table or dining table. There is no end to the creativity which can be put to use while designing these kinds of terrariums. Though we can simply fill them up with cacti or succulents and some rocks and pebbles to convert and use them as pots why use them just as pots when we can do much more. Do not overfill the cups, as it will lose their charm. Enjoy the beauty of nature right on the coffee table with the pop of colors. These cups add the definition to the rooms and bring a sense of brightness. When using succulents and cactus they can survive in indirect sunlight and without water for a couple of days but try to hydrate them often.

The charisma and calmness that is easily visible in the living rooms where these mini gardens are placed. The magic they create is unmatched.

Driftwood arrangements

We all have that habit of picking up something whenever we go out for some kind of nature excursions and we are sure you must have picked up a piece of some old beautiful looking driftwood at some point in time. The wood which you must have thought that you will put to use but has been kept aside to be used as a decor piece. Well, this is the time when you need to think out of the box and convert that little piece of wood into a living piece of greenery. Yes, a lot of plants need just a little bit of space to get rooted and they take care of themselves. And then there are these succulents who always come handy in these kinds of setup.

Put it on the center table or the entrance table, It will surely turn the heads. Grab the attention by incorporating them into your homes and transform the overall look.


We do understand that a lot of us just don’t have the luck to be successful with plants of any kind and then there are many who don’t have the patience to take care of the plants in their homes. So what do we have as an option here? When you find that your thumb simply refuses to turn the right shade of green to keep the plants in your home alive and well, a bit of decorating creativity is all it takes to get the feeling of plants without the hassle and the heartbreak.

When trying to evoke the feeling of plants in your home, we have the moss frames at rescue which beautifully get along with the interiors and give that strong feeling of having a green landscape in our living rooms. Here, we are talking about the frames made with preserved moss which feels and looks the same as fresh moss. As it is preserved, it doesn’t need watering or sunlight. And as all the moss and plants used in making these frames are not live, you do not have the hassle of maintenance of any kind. So think of a theme that you want to incorporate into your interiors and reach out to us, our creative team with customizing the same as per your requirement.


Now you must be wondering what this new term is all about and how does this relate to the topic under discussion. Like terrariums, the Aeriums are the small ecosystems designed to house air plants.

Air plants are basically no fuss house plants which come in various shapes, size and varieties. Yes, these are real plants but without the complications of potting them into soil medium. As the name suggests these take their nutrition from the surrounding air and live without any substrate. The only thing which you have to do in the name of maintenance is probably watering (spray or bathing) them one a week or so. So if you have a wine glass sitting at home when no wine is being served, let it out to these air plants and they will take care of the rest.