Art and Soil was born out of our love for plants and we love to capture green natural beauty in various forms to fill our hearts, homes and surroundings with its soothing beautifying effect. Some of our lovely creations include living art pieces from succulent plants, cactus plants, wood pieces, air plants, etc. 

Over a period of time, Art and Soil has emerged as a one stop shop in Bangalore for everything, from indoor plants and lovely terrariums to handmade green gifts and décor pieces. We offer a thoughtful and detail-oriented collection of indoor and outdoor plants, nature-based art objects and home decor products like succulent terrariums, miniature gardens, fairy gardens, and potted plants in terracotta, ceramic, concrete and wooden planters, to delight your soul. Our products are carefully designed and curated with keen attention on aesthetics and function.

Behind each of our products and services is a passion to deliver the bundle of love, joy and smile that connects us to the world around us. Our plant scaping services are a natural extension of this vision, offering customized products to meet those specific requirements of each client and their unique indoor and outdoor spaces.

We are proud to be part of the plant loving community that finds a way to express its love for plants in everything that surrounds them. We understand the connection and try to fulfil such needs with our line of specially curated plant lifestyle products.

It does not stop here, and in case you are looking for customized green gifts, we are there to take care of your individual and corporate gifting requirements. 

We welcome you to come, explore and be a part of this unique journey ….

Studio Art and Soil

Our Terrarium and nature related art workshops have always been integral part of our existence and are a fun & creative way to explore the nature around us. We Always wanted to create a space where artists (yes, we do call ourselves as artists 🙂 like us could come, ideate, create, experiment and share their experiences/artforms with the community at large.
This idea has slowly taken shape in the form of STUDIO Art and Soil, which you can call
“your very own creative space”


Studio Art and Soil