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Florarium of Cactuses: An Island of Beauty And Exotics

Florarium Of Cactuses

These cactus plants decorate many interiors of residential and non-residential premises, blending seamlessly with the existing domestic vegetation. They have gained world popularity, create incredible compositions out of succulents, and  looks as original – luxurious and exotic. Vegetable terrariums, also known as terrariums, are a fashionable trend of floriculture, and creativity, aimed at breeding succulents […]

Echinopsis Cactus: How to grow the most popular succulent?

Echinopsis Cactus

Green, prickly, round – this is what the Echinopsis Cactus looks like, which is the most common indoor plant of the Cactus family. It is notable for its compactness, ability to multiply abundantly, and with proper care and regular flowering. Also, the genus Echinopsis includes many species, which means that a lover of these succulents […]