Celebrate Love, by Gifting Terrarium This Valentine’s Day

love terrarium for valentines day

Easy ways to get into hearts of your loved ones.

Yes! It’s that time of the year when the fragrance of love starts infecting and takes over everything. The atmosphere, the celebrations, the mood and the expressions are overpowered by one single emotion, the emotion of love for that special person in your life.

Expressions start taking shapes in various forms like going out for a romantic vacation to some exotic location, spending the evening together at the place you first met, exchanging love notes or may be writing a love letter to make your loved one feel elated with the whole experience.

Whatever we do, one thing we never miss out on Valentine’s day is that unique gift which is thoughtful and expressive. A gift which has the power to keep the freshness of the feeling loved long after the day is gone.

One of the most trending option this season is gifting a Terrarium. Yes!! terrariums are unique as these are handcrafted, can be customized and most important, they have life. Unlike other objects, although minimal, they require some amount of maintenance which means, your loved ones spend some time to take care of the terrarium. This whole experience of taking care of the beautiful gift ensures that the feeling never dies, and the love bond gets stronger by the day.

There’s a lot of air with regards to making and maintaining a terrarium but these are all myths. These wonderful creations are easy to take care and go perfectly well with any king of décor. A little bit of creativity is all it takes to make it go with your décor. Most people shy away from gifting a plant or a plant-based art object as they believe that plant upkeep is difficult and not everyone is blessed with green thumbs. For beginners, we suggest going with open terrariums using succulent and cacti plants which are much easy to handle. These small little cute plants are very hardy and can live without much of care. All you need is keeping them in a brightly lit space and water them occasionally. And guess what, every time you spend time with these cuties, you relive all the beautiful moments which you must have spent with your valentine.

And if you are a bit experimental and believe in DIY, then making your own terrarium is one thing you must try this valentine’s day. Both of you can indulge in lovely experience of making your own terrarium and make this valentine’s day a memorable one. This will serve dual purpose of spending time together along with learning a new art.

There are various ways to get going with this.

a) Enrol for a terrarium workshop

Workshops are a great way where you can learn to make your own terrarium. Most of these workshops are budget friendly and provide you with all the materials required to make one. They provide you with everything right from the beautiful container to the soil, sand, pebbles and plants. All you need is to spare a couple of hours (most of the workshops will last for around 2-3 hours). The learning is very practical and within a couple of hours, you are ready for making a terrarium on your own.

So, make this valentine’s day, a day full of fun and learning, and spend some quality time with your loved ones, away from the social media disturbances.

b) Order a terrarium KIT

Terrarium kits are readily available nowadays. If you are a DIY enthusiast and love to explore and get creative, then we strongly suggest ordering one today.  The terrarium Kits come with complete set of “HOW TO MAKE” and easy to understand, set of instructions along with all the material required to make your own terrarium. You can choose the materials like containers, pebbles, plants etc based on your liking and start making your own terrarium.

Apart from standard set of instructions a good Kit supplier will always be there to help you out in case you have any queries regarding making and maintaining the terrariums. You can always reach out to them in case you get stuck or need some assistance while making.

c) DIY with the available stuff in our homes

All of us have at some point in time have used some glass jars, bowls or bottles which are now kept somewhere in the corners of our homes. We have always wanted to reuse them but have not been able to put them to good use. This is the time and a great opportunity to put your creative skills into work. Take some inspirations from internet and start your journey. Walk down to your favourite local nursery and pick up few succulents/cactus, sand/pebbles also can be picked up and you are ready to go.


Let’s make this valentine’s day a memorable one. Let’s create, maintain and see the love grow in form of these mini gardens.

Do reach out to us in case you need any specific details about information mentioned in this article and we would be more than happy to help you.

Keep loving and happy gifting!!!