Best Succulent Soil– What your succulents need

The very first step in the care of succulents begins with the soil. All succulents need fast-growing soil for several reasons:SucculentsSuitable soil allows the roots of the plant to get enough water while preventing overwetting, which easily causes rotting and is the main cause of death of succulents; Also, loose soil provides succulent roots with sufficient oxygen level, which is necessary for proper photosynthesis; Proper soil acts as an anchor for succulents, keeping it in one position, thus his stay in the sun remains constant and familiar to him. This protects the roots from temperature fluctuations; The soil provides the succulents with nutrients necessary for healthy development. All these useful properties are necessary for every succulent for its healthy development and growth, but there is one more thing.It is also important to provide succulents with drainable soil. SAY NO to the rich soil composition that you give to your ordinary garden plants.Experienced gardeners often make a rich composition of soil for special plants that have become a highlight of their collection, it is beneficial and gives effective results. But when it comes to succulents, this is the fastest way to hurt them. The soil, which is too rich, is often heavy and retains a lot of moisture, which can lead to rotting of the plant. The nutrient content of the ground is more likely to stimulate rapid but declining growth, which leads to some problems, such as dull leaf colour, etc. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid fertilizing. Sometimes, if necessary,it is good to fertilize the succulent soil with a small dose of fertilizer.

Water is what gives life and what can take it away:

Succulent PlantsCorrect watering is the most important aspect in the process of caring for succulents. By definition, succulents are plants that have adapted to grow in severe drought, so their overwetting is the shortest way to their death. The better you create conditions for them to live close to their natural habitat, the better they will feel. That’s why watering should be done in a cycle of drought-humidity-dry-humidity. This means that the soil must completely dry out before the next irrigation. To do this, it is necessary to make a permeable loose soil, which is loved by succulents.Watering should be done rarely, but abundantly. As it happens in nature, in arid areas where succulents grow. The rain just suddenly collapses, but it lasts a short time. So the watering should be abundant, passing through the earth lump, giving excess water to flow through the drain hole in the tray of the pot.Recommendations for watering succulents once in 2 weeks is a misconception that has spread on the Internet and can be fatally dangerous for your succulent. Daily watering for a little bit leads to slow and weak development of the root system. Constant soil moisture leads to rotting.The best indicator that succulents need watering is to focus on the wrinkles and loss of turgor of their leaves. They will tell you themselves when to water them. After a few mistakes and observations, it finally becomes easier for you to understand when to water the succulents. After all, the succulents themselves give us signals when they need something!

Succulents and Light

Sun SucculentsAll succulents love sunlight because it is necessary for photosynthesis. Among them, there are also shady species, such as hawthorns, etc., but all of them need sunlight to some extent. The need for light is so strong that often the lack of light distorts their symmetrical ideal forms, forcing plants to stretch to a height by lowering the lower leaves and excessively raising the upper ones to get maximum light. This process is called etiolation.Provide the succulents with the right amount of light by choosing the right light for them.There is also the reverse side of sunlight. Too much intense sunlight can cause irreversible burns on the succulents or dry the plant altogether. Many succulent plants, even the most experienced ones, die when spring comes because they are not yet used to the strong sun after long cold months.It is also not good to keep the succulents which do not require a lot of sunlight in direct sunlight as this will cause burns and eventually the death of these types of succulents.

The secret of happiness of the most favourite succulents!

Perhaps you will say that you adhere to all the recommendations above in this article and you already know it. But, if you look carefully at everything from the outside, you will notice that the favourite succulents are not being looked after the same way as the other succulents in your collection. Try to treat all your succulents equally, without singling out anybody, thus you will never hurt them with excessive care!Therefore, say NO to the desire to care for your favourite succulent only! True love is to give not what you want to give, but what you need!You want to care for your favourites especially because they are special. But in fact, such “special” care often turns out to be a problem. The reason why the succulents, who get less attention in your collection, survive and grow better, and your loved ones die, although you care so carefully for them, is that the succulents survive with “beneficial non-intervention”!We tend to show our love to such beautiful creatures as succulents, taking excessive care of them. This is what makes them die! If you want to show them your love, you can just talk to them and sprinkle them with compliments!  This is not a joke. But the fears of overflow and other problems will pass you by. Plants understand human speech, which is proved by numerous scientific experiments.Love your succulents, without taking any action to prove your love, they can feel it perfectly!